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Our Motorhome

Our Motorhome [the Bunyip]

We purchased our motorhome in 2009. We arrived in Holland on the Wednesday and we bought it on a Friday. It is a Ford Transit body with the conversion done by Elnach and the model is a Big Marlin. When we picked it up it had only done 68,000 kms and was in a very tidy state.

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Since then we have “pimped” the motorhome changing the appearance and adding features to suit our needs.  We have Austalianised it by some signwriting, stickers , mural , a kangaroo roadsign and nameplates. Jenny thinks I’m a bit crazy and over the top but it does get a bit of attention and more importantly positive attention. We do get plenty of waves ,horn beeping and a lot of strange looks.

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Inside we have installed 2 more skylights giving extra light and more ventilation. We have converted the 2nd table area into a couch, install a safe, have a clothes line installed in the shower area, made extra curtains over the windows ,fitted extra lights and have made an extendable table that fits over the sink.

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Update : We have now traveled for over two years in the Bunyip  during the 7 trips we have completed. Our kilometer tally is now over 100.000. To see where we have been in those 7 trips look at our Maps from all of Our Trips.




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