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Setting up a blog

If you are reading this you have come to our blogsite. We set it up mainly to inform our family and friends of what we are up to on our  travels. It saves sending everyone an email, they  can visit at anytime and can also view our photo’s as well. We started blogging using a third party site “Off Exploring”, which for a small short holiday works well but it is  very limited as to what you can do on it. When we first used the site it was Add free but later they started appearing and that’s when we thought about setting up our own site. After reading some other blogs and seeing what was possible we took the plunge and set this one up. We are by no means computer experts and we did have our moments when we though that it was all too hard, but we persisted and here is the result.

YouTube was a good source of information eg :Tyler Moore’s video  and there are plenty more of the same Beware some sites will charge you for the information but there is enough free ones to give you all the information you need. There are also plenty of books that you can buy or download. See the update below for a great site to visit which helps people set up sites.

We blog about every 4-5 days and upload our photo’s  Other bloggers may blog every day and others every couple of weeks. It’ up to you but make sure that it doesn’t become a chore a that will reflect in your blog content.

My advice is give it a go as the cost is negligible and if it’s not for you there is no ongoing costs. You might even find you have a talent for it and it is really nice to look back on your trip later and be reminded of places and incidents that made your trip unique.

Other Bloggers

There are a lot of blogs out there from people traveling in their motorhomes  When you go to blog site they may also have links to other blogs who have links to other blogs etc etc etc. Blog sites inspire people to travel and reassures them that other people have gone before them and that sometimes things are not as scary as some people make out.

They are a great source of information and resources. Many bloggers have links and downloads available to upload. I find them interesting to read and some of the pictures are amazing. They have inspired me and I hope that as you read travelers blogs that it will inspire you as well.   Subscribe to the blogs you like and follow their travels. Look at the link button on our home page to find some of the blogs that we like.

If you have a blog and would like to add it to our list let me know and we will include it on our Links page.

Update 4/5/15 : We have found a great site which helps people set up there own blog site. Well they actually found us by including us in there “100 Blogs to follow in 2015.”The site is called “ First Site Guide”.

If you are a newbie blogger and looking how to master the art of blogging then you should definitely check out FirstSiteGuide’s guide to successful blogging. The best of the best have contributed their knowledge to help beginners better understand the secrets of blogging and it will help you out to build, maintain and grow your own blog.

[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]



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