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Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe [Fun or Frightening??]

We are from Australia and driving in Europe is a completely different experience for us. Apart from driving on the opposite side of the road with the gears on the right side and the indicators and wipers on different sides we have to deal with driving a larger vehicle. The road conditions vary as to which country you are in and some of the roads can be excellent to dreadful. The more driving I do the more relaxed I have become, never complacent or blasé but you need your wits about you at all times. Having an extra pair of eyes also helps because traffic conditions can change very quickly and with the larger vehicle it is harder to do swift maneuvers. Below are some of the things we have come across while driving in Europe.

Equipment,Regulations and Road Rules




Police [our brushes with the law]




Driving at night


Toll Roads


Border Crossings


Narrow Roads


Remember to take it easy, you are on holidays and should plan ahead to get to your next stop in plenty of time.

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