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Hotels [with campsites]

We have come across hotels which either have a separate camping area or allow you to park in their carpark and use their facilities. Below are a few examples.


In the town of Safranbolu there is a hotel at the edge of town that has terraced a piece of land across the road for motorhomes to park. They provided us with electricity using an extra-long extension cord from a power box on the corner of the property. We used the showers in the hotel across the road. The site was very basic but had a great view of the town. It was only a few minutes’ walk to the centre of town.

Our Terraced site in Safranbolu with agreat view over the town.

Our Terraced site in Safranbolu with agreat view over the town.


We stopped at the Nord Park hotel complex which has a campground attached to the rear. It supplied electricity and we used the showers in the hotel, they were very modern, clean and even a bit luxurious. The best part was the swimming pool which was very large, clean and very refreshing after a long hot drive.


In the town of Oswiecim where Auschwitz is located there is a complex called ‘Centre for Dialogue and Prayer’ which has a camping ground attached to it. It was only 11euro’s a night and had good shower and toilet facility. The staff were very friendly and we could use the reception area to access wifi. This area was very luxurious with leather chairs and carved wood tables a change from the motorhome. The walk to the Auschwitz entrance took only 10 minutes. You can stay in the carpark of Auschwitz overnight which is included In the carpark cost, we didn’t pay for parking and had a pleasant stay at the campsite.


Near to the salt mines at Wieliezka we found a hotel with a small campground on a grassed area around the back . It had showers and toilets and at the reception there was wifi. The mine nearby is well worth a look and the campground is within walking distance. We did have dinner in the restaurant and were a bit disappointed with the meal but the next day we had pancakes there and they were great.


In Morocco we stayed in several campsites attached to hotels, They were mostly cheap and the facilities varied from good to well not so good. That’s one reason we have a motorhome we always have a shower and toilet with us.


[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]




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