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Download Page

I had hoped to have all the downloads in one neat file so you could click on a button and they would all be there. For two reasons I have not done this, firstly my expertise in doing this is lacking [I am learning and in the future this may be possible] secondly I think that by seeing the sites you may get more information first hand.Look at the sections on POI’s and also how to install POI’s to Autoroute. They may be useful if you haven’t used POI’s before.

Please let me know if this page has been useful and if you have other sites to include on my list.E-mail me at

  • Camperstop: These downloads are for the POI’s in the camperstop books. They are not free and you pay by region.
  • Wildcamping : The POI’s here are for wild camping places and you must register and pay a joining fee to gain access to their downloads.
  • France Passion: These are the POI’s for the France Passion sites. To gain access to these you must first buy the book and then you are given a membership number which enables you to download the POI’s.
  • Bord Atlas: This is a German site with POI’s relating to their book. The books are mainly sites in Germany but they do have other sites around Europe.
  • Europe by Camper: This is a blog site with a download section with enables you to download their information in Autoroute form. You must have autoroute on your computer to do this.They include their wildcamping sites as well as a host of others.
  • Campingcar-info: This is a French site that has all their motorhome sites across Europe. The site is in French and you may need to use your Google translator to help you. They have a description of each site which you can download for a few euros and use offline, very useful. They also have an APP which we have just downloaded and have yet not tried out.
  • Archies : From here you can download thousands of campgrounds all over Europe. They also have the downloads for the ACSI Camping Cards as well as the Camping Cheques.
  • Camper Contact: This is a Dutch site but in English. It has downloads for motorhome places all over Europe. They have descriptions of all the sites. We have just downloaded their new App but have yet to use it.
  • Italian Sosta’s : There are two sites I have found for the Italian Sosta’s. My Italian is non existant so I have still to learn a bit about these. The first is II Portale del and the second is Turismo Itinerante
  • Womo [Wohnmobil-Stellplatze]: This German site has downloads for thousands of motohome places. It is in German but click on the English version. There is a guide to the letters used in the POI’s to give you a guide as what to expect on the site.
  • CampingCar Portugal: This is obviously a Portuguese site but is is available in English. It has POI’s of parking areas and service area’s. Good for travelling in Portugal.
  • Do your Dream: This is a blog site with downloads in Autoroute form and TomTom.They also have their wildcamping sites as a POI.
  • Mobilisten : This is a German site but is also available in other languages. They have POI’s of places in Germany but they do charge 20 euros. If doing a lot of travel in Germany it may be worth it. They also have an APP which you can download.
  • POI Plaza: This site has a large range of POI’s. Select the country and go through the POI’s available. Most are not motorhome related but useful all the same.

Remember if you need to convert the POI’s to different formats you can use a converter program. I have used POI Editor.

If you want to know how to put POI’s onto the Autoroute I have made a small tutorial that may help.    How to install POI's to Autoroute

[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]

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