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Beer at the Service Station

We were driving towards the town of Plodvid in Bulgaria and had planned to stay in a camping place on the outskirts of the town. We had the name and GPs co- ordinates of the place but it was eluding us having driven up and down the same road 3 times. We had come to the conclusion that we either had the wrong co-ordinates or the place no longer existed. After parking up at a service station Jenny realized that we had WiFi access and quickly looked up the place on the net. The pictures we saw had some of the landmarks we were close to. I started talking to a man who was sitting outside the service station drinking a beer while sitting on a chair under an umbrella. His English was very poor but he understood what we were trying to do and he rang the number of the campsite. He told us that the campsite had closed, then he rang another phone number and handed the phone over to me, it was his daughter who spoke excellent English and asked what our problem was. She told us to park anywhere as Bulgaria was very safe. I thanked her and told her to thank her father as well. I asked the man if he wanted another beer and then bought 2 beers at the service station. $1 Aus for a 500ml beer, bargain. After sharing a beer with our helpful Bulgarian man we set off to find a place to park up for the night. A few kilometres down the road past Plodvid we spotted a river, the bankside looked like a local picnic area and was very flat, the track down was a bit steep but we made it down easily. It was a pretty hot day and we were sticky so after finding a spot a bit away from the main road we had a swim and spent a quiet night. Lucky for us we found another track up that was less steep and we got back without any problems.  A big thank you goes out to the Bulgarian man and his daughter.

Below is a picture of the wildcamping spot we found after leaving Plodvid.

Next to a river outside of the town of Plodvid, Bulgaria

Next to a river outside of the town of Plodvid, Bulgaria

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