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In many countries they have Autocamps which are usually homes which have campgrounds on their property. When you drive down the coast of Croatia you see them everywhere. They offer good service and are normally cheaper than the big campgrounds. We stayed in a large campground on the coast next to a large hotel, the service was poor and the showers were dirty and had no hot water and to top it off they charged 35€ for the night. The next night we stopped at an Autocamp and we were greeted by the owner who gave us a carafe of liquor as a welcome drink. The showers were clean and had hot water and it was half the price of the previous night.

In Prague we stayed at an Autocamp which was only a few minutes’ walk from the tram stop which took you to the center of the city. On the same street there were about five Autocamps. On the roadside there were large houses and their backyards had been converted to small campgrounds. The facilities were excellent and there was even a small bar and restaurant there. We have stayed there twice and the service was excellent both times. They even sold tram tickets at the reception desk to make going to the city even easier.

In our experience Autocamps are friendlier, cheaper, cleaner and more relaxed than the larger campsites so when travelling especially in Eastern Europe look out for the Autocamp signs.

Our campsite at the Autocamp In Prague

Our campsite at the Autocamp In Prague

On this street there were  5 Autocamps near to the tram stop

On this street there were 5 Autocamps near to the tram stop

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