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What is an App?

App is a shortening of the word application and it is a software program that is designed to run on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. When we first started motorhoming we didn’t even have a smart phone or a tablet so having and App was something we didn’t even think about. With technology growing at a rapid rate Apps are becoming more popular. We have downloaded some Apps and put them on our tablet. As of yet we have only had a quick look at them and will test them out properly when we are motorhoming again in April. After we have put them through their paces we will add to this page with reviews and ratings. The Apps that we have downloaded work offline which means that we do not have to be connected to Wi-Fi or the internet. They have only cost a few euros and some of the Apps listed are for free. The Apps that we have found so far can be found on the sites listed below. If you know of any others or have had some experience using then please let me know.

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