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On this page we have links to Websites which are helpful, informative and interesting reading.

Finding places to stay

ArchiesThis site boasts Europe’s largest and most accurate website for downloading POI’s of campsites. 31,009 but who’s counting !!!. They also have the POI’s for the ACSI camping card and the Camping Cheques. We have found it a very useful source of information. They also have an App which can be downloaded. The site is Dutch but in English.
Camper ContactAnother great Dutch site. There are over 15 thousand motorhome stop overs in 38 countries. They have GPS coordinates ,information , photo’s and reviews. You can download the POI”s to  your sat-nav or your autoroute. They now have a great app which only costs a few Euro’s.
Campingcar-infoThis is a French site which has a large data base for Aires. If you read french great, otherwise use Google translator. You can locate thousands of Aires throughout Europe. They supply gps co-ordinates as well as details of the sites, photo’s and reviews. You can download on offline version for about 6 euro’s, worth every cent. They also have an App for a few euro’s. You can download The POI’s to your sat -nav and mapping programme. I have also put an offline version on the computer which I downloaded from the site. This site and its downloads are an invaluable recourse for any motorhomer.
ACSI CampsitesThis site has information on 9800 campsites in Europe with GPS coordinates ,information and reviews. There is information on the ACSI low season Camping Card. This card allows you to stay in a campsite for 13/15/17/19 Euro’s but only in the low season. The book is about 13 Euros depending where you buy it but after a couple of stopovers it pays for itself. You get a night stay, electricity and showers all included . They also have printed guides and DVD’s. Dutch site in English.
Womo - StellplatzeOr Wohnmobil-Stellplatze This link takes you to the home site which is in German, you can click on the English version to translate. There are POI’s downloads which you can use on the sat-nav and autoroute. There are thousands of motorhome stopovers. There is a legend explaining the letters which appear when you open a POI. This gives details about each location.
Camping Car PortugalA Portuguese site but also in English. Has information on parking and service points. They also have POI's which can be downloaded. I discovered this site after we travelled through Portugal. I wish we had this information when we were there.
Search for SitesThis is a British site with sites from all over Europe. It has plenty of information with photos and other useful details. You have to register but this is free.
France PassionWe have used the France Passion sites during our last couple of trips. You pay for the book and receive a card and a sticker for your motorhome. There are over 1900 places to stay all over France. The places are free but please read the conditions of stay. Visit our page on the France Passions where we have more information and some photos.
Brit StopsSimilar to the France Passion idea with 640 site in the UK. Stops at farms, vinerys , pubs, breweries etc. We have not used this book as we have not travelled in the UK with our motorhome.
Spanish AiresThis site is in many different different languages. It gives information on the aires in Spain. You can also download POI's to you sat-nav or your mapping program. We used many of these sites when we were in Spain in 2015. Very useful resource.
Motorhoming FranceThis is a British site which has information on French aires and campsites. Loads of information but it is a paid site costing 12 pounds for an annual subsription. Usefull as many of the other sites regarding aires and campsites in France are only in French.
Camping Links EuropeThis site, although not updated for awhile has links to over 300 camping sites in Europe. Just click on the country you want campsite information on and it links to the sites relating to that country. Useful especially for countries that are not normally known for camping. A lot of work has gone into this site.
Turismo ItineranteThis is an Italian site but the link comes up in English. Where it says stop in the toolbar it will show places to stay in Italy. A map comes up with the different regions giving the sostas in that area. There is also some other information which you might find useful when visiting Italy.
Romanian InformationThis is a Dutch site but when you scroll down you can pick the language. It has some useful information about traveling in Romania. The campsite guide gives GPS co-ordinates as well as some other useful information. We have used some of these campsites when we traveled through Romania in 2015 and 2010. Romania is one of our favorite places.

Other sites for Motorhoming Information

Vicarious BooksA great place for motorhoming books. All the aires , camperstop, ACSI camping card, French passion and heaps more. We are a regular customer.
LPG Gas sites EuropeIn Europe some countries have plenty of sites where you can fill up with gas. There are some countries where they are scarce and hard to find. This is a great site for finding the places to fill up.
Automobile AssociationThis site has some great advice on documentation needed, what to carry, winter tyres, road rules , toll roads and heaps more. It also has a Country by Country Guide with loads of useful info.
Umwelt ZonesThese two links explain what the Umwelt Zones are. In Germany driving through these area's without the proper sticker may end up with a hefty fine. How to get a sticker is also covered in these sites. Site One Site two
Parking or Camping in Spain??When traveling in Spain this page explains the difference between parking and camping. A very useful piece of information.
Camping Card InternationalThis is a card well worth getting as it gives you discounts at campsites and also act as an identity card. You hand over the camping card instead of your passport. Included in the card is an insurance benefit while staying in campgrounds.
Tomek SczansnyThis is a totally unrelated motorhome site but we thought it worth looking at. We met Tomek at a campsite on the Polish/Slovakian border. He was with a group of friends going on a holiday to Romania. He told us that he took wildlife photo’s. Here is is site where you can see some really amazing photo’s. It is in Polish but click on the gallery and the the individual files. You will not be disappointed.

Fellow Travelers and Bloggers

Travelling with BlueyMark and Mireille are on their fourth trip to europe. Their maps contain the places that they have stayed giving lots of useful information. They are an Australian couple although Mireille was born in France. A good read with lots of other useful information. They have kept records of what it cost to travel on thier trips.
Micheal and Pam's TravelsMicheal and Pam are an Australian couple who have not only motorhomed Europe but have extensively traveled the world. On their last trip they ventured to Greece and into Turkey. Their maps also have information of where they have stayed.
Leeders on tourAn Australian couple who after living in the UK for a few years traveled through Europe in a car tenting. We met them in Bulgaria and have follwed their travels ever since. Their site is full of stunning photos and their "hit and shits" are worth a read.
ClutterscapesHelen and John are experienced travelers who have been to more places in the world than most. They have traveled Europe in the past using a car and tenting it. They are now on their second trip in Europe in a motorhome. [They are using the "Bunyip" our motorhome].
Heels for DustPeter and Gill are a retired couple from England who have travelled all over the world and are now touring Europe in there Motorhome. An informative and well written blog.
The Great EscapeKev and Liz are travelling Europe in their motorhome called "Van Brian". This couple from England also have a link to their other blog which shows how they fitted out their own motorhome.
Doug n JackieAn Australian couple who have travelled in a motorhome through the U.S.A. Canada and Mexico. They are now embarking on there next adventure, travelling through europe.
Euro TouringTaken from thier blog site this is how they describe themselves. "We are a couple of twenty-somethings who met at Loughborough, Leicestershire whilst both studying at the University there. We both have a love of travel and so towards the end of 2014 Matt finished his PhD and Jo left her job so that we were free to go wherever we wanted before careers or other responsibilities took over our lifestyle. Outside of motorhoming, Matt is a petrolhead with a love of all things vehicle related, and Jo is a cat lover with an interest in cooking and baking." Check out thier map, which has plenty of info.
A Life in the slow laneThis english couple who are planning for their trip through Europe in 2017 in Basil the motorhome. I have put their site in so you can go through the planning and preperation they are going through. Then to follow there adventures as they explore Europe.
OurTourJulie and Jason are the most prolific motorhome bloggers ever. They have travelled all over Europe and Morocco and Tunisia. Their site is full of useful information and helpful advise. A must read for anyone who is planning a motorhome trip to europe.
L.A.P.A. World TripWe met this french family in Romania and spent the night with them wild camping in a forest next to a river. They built an incredible motorhome/truck and plan to travel the world for 5 years. The site is in french so google translate would be needed. They are presently in South America.
Travelin-TortugaKathy and Rick have been traveling in a motorhome for the past 14 years and have been to over 50 countries. They have a great blogsite. A very adventurous couple.
MagBaz TravelBarry and Margaret have a very informative site with links to some useful advise. Well worth exploring.
Weebly blogsIf you want to read more blogs from Motorhomers this site lists over 120. No lack of choice here.

To find more blog sites look at the links on the above sites that will take you to more sites then they will  take you to even more sites, and so it goes on and on. I could list heaps more but then you wouldn’t  have the fun of finding them yourself.

Motorhoming Groups and Forum Sites

These sites are full of great information. They are free to view but to get involved they charge a subscription fee, except for Motorhome owners which is free. The members include experienced motorhomers who can give you useful advise, just post your questions on the forums.

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If you have a link or a blog site that you think could be included in these lists please let us know.  Having useful information makes traveling so much easier.




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