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The Swiss Map

The Swiss Map

On our first trip in 2009 we had finished watching some stages of the Tour De France and we were close to the Swiss border. We woke up and had a think about where we wanted to go next, with the Swiss border being so close and no real hurry to be anywhere we said “let’s go and have a look’. We entered through the back way travelling on some small road passing around village that was having a festival, complete with bell ringers.

Bellringers at a fete as we were driving into Switzerland

Bellringers at a festival as we were driving into Switzerland

We drove into the town of Delemont which after consulting our Camperstop Book had an Aire where we could park up for the night. It was a car park on the outskirts of the walled town with free electricity, water and even a toilet block. Not having planned to visit Switzerland we were wondering where to go next and which route to follow. I started chatting with our Swiss neighbours in the next motorhome and they suggested a possible route for us to follow, not only that but they produced a map of Switzerland and proceeded to draw on the map with a highlighter and showing us places that that we might find interesting. They gave us the map saying that it was old and they had a newer one. We were very appreciative and followed their advice and saw some great places during our Swiss travels. We really appreciate the help of the friendly Swiss couple, we still have that map.

When you start to talk to people you may be surprised at how friendly and generous most people are. See our page on The Motorhome Wave.

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