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The Motorhome Wave

The Motor Home Wave

When you start driving a motorhome you will notice that other motor homers will wave as you pass by on the road, not all but we have found most do. It is if we are in a special club and everyone is very friendly. We have read some forums where people say that everyone is friendly on the road but when you get to a campsite no-one talks to you. I have the solution to that, I go and talk to them. Even though I can only speak English and Dutch I strike up conversations as I walk through the campgrounds. The Dutch people all speak good English anyway but you will be surprised at the number of other people who have the basics of, if not good or very good English.

We were in Croatia camped next to a Polish family, I went over and started to have a chat. It worked out that she was an English teacher in a school in Posnan, so she and her husband spoke very good English. The campsite was full of Dutch and German people and they said that no-one spoke to them. They have 2 sons both very shy and over the next few days we got to know them well and have since visited them twice at their home in Posnan, Poland.

Many times I have told Jenny that I am just going to the toilet and I come back an hour and a half later after talking to people in the caravan park. She says that sometimes she can her me answering the same questions, where do you come from, did you bring the motorhome out from Australia, where do you store the motorhome, what do I do for a living etc. etc.

It doesn’t take much of an effort to wave at people but it takes a little more to go and say hello. We have been surprized at how friendly can be once the ice has been broken. Many late night we have had talking and drinking with people who we just said hello to and went on to making friends.

My advice is don’t just wave at fellow motor homers get up and say hello.


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