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Jenny just loves her Samsung tablet she is always telling me of the latest things she has found that it can do. It has been a real bonus for us as we travel our way across Europe.We have installed an App called OsmAnd+ which we use as we drive. See our page on Navigation. Just recently we have install the Campercontact App, the Archies App  and the  Camping-car App but have yet to try them out. We will let you know how they went on our next trip.

While we are constantly using our computer the Tablet is great when we are going to internet cafes as it is so light and small. It is also handy when we both want to do things on the computer Jenny use the tablet and I work on the computer. The Tablet also works well on Skype when we want to talk to family and friends.

In Turkey we purchased a sim card from the local Telco shop and were able to insert it straight into the Tablet without having to use a dongle. The sim card lasted for an entire month without running out of internet. While we had some internet in campgrounds it was good to have the internet whenever we needed it.

There are times when Jenny wants to do some work on the computer and look at the internet and there are times when I want to do the same. Sometimes we want to do it at the same time. To keep the peace and harmony in the motorhome I use the computer while Jenny uses her Tablet.

Jenny has also discovered that it takes really easy panoramic photos and it does it easier than the camera. She is discovering more and more about the device and is very ,very pleased with

It is also fun playing the games that can be downloaded (Jenny)




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