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IPod or MP3 Player

IPod or MP3 Player

In days past we had cassettes to supply us with music as we traveled, then came the cd’s and now we have MP3 players. Ours is an IPod.

All of our music has been uploaded to  this small device as well as other peoples music and music we have downloaded. As of now we have about 80GB of music with over 14,000 songs. We do not lack for choice. As well a music we have downloaded pod-casts and audio books to listen to.

On our first couple of trips we used a wireless devise to connect to the car radio. This was only partially  successful  as in some countries we had trouble finding a frequency to connect on the radio or we would be traveling and a radio station would come on when we entered their airspace.

We have purchased a new radio for the motorhome that allows us to plug the IPod directly in. As  well as using it with the radio we have headphones and a portable speaker. This is a Logitech one which has lithium ion batteries that can be recharged. the battery life after fully charged is about 8 hours giving us plenty of time to listen to the music we choose.

We have often joked that if we don’t want too many close neighbors when we are at a caravan park that we should look a bit feral and play some load “death metal music” to put off potential neighbors. Of course we haven’t done it and we always play our music softly as not to disturb other around us. Unfortunately not everyone we camp close to has the same consideration as we do.

Our IPod provides us with entertainment, it is small and has a large storage capacity. Our current IPod has a storage of 160GB which if full could play for months without repeating a song. It is loaded with lots of different styles of music anything from heavy metal to classical, with some good old Aussie classics for when we are feeling homesick. We have ofter thought of a particular song when we have been in a country, one that mentions it or reminds us of the culture, or just a funny song like “Monty Pythons Finland” when we were about to go there. It helps!

My tip is back up the music from your device. My other IPod died with 80GB’s of music on it. Luckily I had backed it up only a few weeks before and so did not lose any music.

[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]



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