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On our blog site you can see where we have been with our map pages.

Where are we now map is situated on the bottom corner of every page. Scroll down now to the bottom and you will see it there. We update this as often as we can to give our readers an approximate idea of where we are.

This is now our 9th trip to Europe where we will be traveling down to the bottom of Spain and spending some time in Morocco. Our 2017 Trip Map.

On our 8th trip we visited Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and then back to Holland.             Our 2016 Trip Map

Our “Follow our 2015 Trip Map” We will try to provide costs, GPS co-ordinates of each place we visit with a breif description. If you click on the “look at our Blog” link on any of our locations you will be directed to the blog relating to that place.

Our “Follow our 2014 Trip Map” has all the places we have stayed during our 2014 trip. I also put in a picture of the site, the cost in euros, GPS co-ordinates and where we have sourced the site from.

Our “Where we have been map” are the maps from the last trips we have been on. We were not as organized as we are now and they only cover the route followed, no information.

Our “Maps from all of our trips” is a rough map of all of our trips combined. It gives an overview of where the “Bunyip” has taken us in Europe, Turkey and Morocco.

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