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Lego Minifigs on Tour

During our trip to Europe and Morocco our Lego Minifigs have come along with us. Follow their adventures as they explore exotic and interesting places.

Let me introduce them. In the photo below on the left is Jenny, in the middle is Ewout with the beard, and Lori is on the right.

Bags are packed and ready to go. Leaving for far away places from the Adelaide airport.

Dubai the Minifigs are enjoying a drink at Starbucks.

Lunchtime at Guedelon castle. In France so its baguettes and croissants.

Ewout encounters a giant slug in the grounds of the castle. But is he scared? NO WAY !!

They crossed the Viaduct Millau. This is the tallest bridge in the world.

Enjoying sangria and beer in Valencia, Spain.

On the ferry from Algeciras [Spain] to Ceuta.

Moroccan lunch at Tetouan. Ewout is really getting stuck into the couscous.

Dessert, cookies and mint tea. At the medina Tetouan.

Relaxing and cooling off at the waterfall , Akchour.





































More adventures to follow.





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