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We started a blog in 2009 to keep our family and friends informed about where we were and what we had been doing. At first we used a site called “Off Exploring” where we could put in our stories and some photo’s. This worked well for a few years until they started including advertisements to the blogs. When we wrote a story about a place some adds would appear relating to that place. We thought it would good to have our own site without adds that would include other information apart from our blog and photo’s.


In 2013 before we left for our trip that year we started building up our own blog site using the WordPress platform. A steep learning curve and a lot of frustration later our site “travelbunyip” was born. Why the name?? Well travel is what we like to do and a Bunyip is a mythical Australian creature that lurks in out of the way places. We have now called our motorhome the “Bunyip”.

What’s in the blog?

Posts: There are posts of our travels covering the 7 trips we have done in our motorhome. We don’t post every day, but in our 6 trips we have posted over 250 times.

Photos: As well as stories we include photos of our travels. When we used the “Off Exploring” site we also included photos but were unable to transfer them over, so we have put some of our favorite photos in separate pages covering the years before the travelbunyip site existed.

Maps: Each year we have a map of where we have traveled. Starting in 2014 we have put every place we have stayed, along with how we found the site and the cost incurred at each place.

Stories: We have met some interesting people and had many experiences during our travels. In our stories page we have written a few that others may find interesting.

Motorhome information

When we first started our travels we were inexperienced and were very grateful for information given by others on the road and by reading blogs from others who had gone before us. We thought it might be useful to put in some information for other motorhome travelers in Europe. This information is a guide only as we are always learning ourselves and are by no means experts.
Download page: We have included other sites that provide downloads which can be inserted into map programs and sat-nav devices. We have found these sites very useful during our travels in finding places to stay along with other useful information.
Links Page: Here we have put links to other travelers, where we buy our books, rules and regulations and other travel information.
Where to Stay: Traveling in a motorhome offers great flexibility and one of those is the variety of places to stay. As we are self-contained we can park up at some interesting places from campgrounds to wild camping spots. We have a few pages outlying some of the places we have stayed and how we found them.
Books: We use books to help us find places to stay and some books provide discounts on campsites while others offer free overnight sites e.g. “France Passion”. In this page we outline where we purchase these from.
Driving in Europe: We come from Australia and driving in Europe has it’s challenges. In these pages we outline some ways we have handled different situations and give links to sites which outline some of the rules and regulations which apply in different countries.
Gadgets and Technology: We use many different gadgets which help us while we travel. The ways we use them are outlined in these pages.

We love to get some feedback

We invite you to explore our site, read the articles and view the photos. If you have any queries regarding traveling in Europe or would like to say hello you can contact us on
You can also subscribe to our regular posts which we put up while we are traveling, at the bottom of our home page you can see our sign up subscription.

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