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Our carpark for the night was part of a sports complex and a 10 minute walk to the British territory of Gibraltar. As you go in the border guards glance at your passport on the way through. After the border check it’s a walk across the tarmac of the airport. We had to wait for a plane to land before being allowed to cross. When you walk through Gibraltar there are things that remind you of England, the phone booths and the mail boxes. We were told that phone sim cards could now work across several countries in Europe. At the Gibraltar telecom shop the friendly young man said he uses just one sim now when travelling, a new thing since June of this year. We all purchased a sim card, no passports needed and up until now they seem to be working very well.

View of the rock from near our carpark.

This tunnel was the only way into Gibraltar. by land.

Fish and chips. Had to have what the locals eat.

Government building complete with canons.

Post office with authentic post boxes.

Jenny and Lori next to a British telephone box, spot the minifigs.

Off to see the monkeys (or apes to be precise)

We stopped at the Gibraltar Arms to have a drink which when we realized the time turned into a lunch. Fish and chips were on the menu and it was hard to turn down. After lunch we bought our tickets for the cable car and headed up the hill to where the local population of macacques live. The scenery was quite stunning and we were also entertained  by the macacques. There are clear signs saying not to feed them and to keep your bags well held. They are well used to tourists but we saw a few bags being snatched as the tourists became complacent. Then it was back down the hill to do some shopping. 

Very used to having tourists around.

View of the rock from the top of the cable car.

View of Gibraltar from the top of the cable car.

Sign in the cable car foyer. They could make it more obvious.

Lori wanted to get a memory card for her phone and we noticed that the liquor was very cheap. Lori got her memory card at the electronics shop and at the liquor store we bought a bottle of Liquor 43 and 3 cans of apple cider which we drank as we continued walking the streets. Our day in Gibraltar had come to an end and we returned to the motorhome.

Walking across the tarmac to get back into Spain.

Flat batteries

On our return Jenny tried to charge her camera battery but nothing happened. Then when we tried to start the car again nothing happened, the result of  flat batteries. At first we tried to call the roadside assistance but the friendly man at the phone shop had given us data but not any phone calls. Luckily there were some British motorhomes in the carpark who had jumper leads that got us started. We do not know what caused the batteries to go flat but since then they have been working fine. Our destination for the night was Ronda which was only 120 kilometers away  and it was a very windy steep road up into the mountains. Our park for the night was a carpark next to a park in a residential area. We were not alone as 6 other motorhomes also used the site that night. 

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