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Caceres, Salamanca and the latest fridge report! 

We reached Caceres at midday and proceeded to a motorhome repair workshop on the out skirts of town. The friendly staff at the workshop said they would have a look at it in half an hour. Not knowing how long they would take it was decided that I would drop off Jenny and Lori in town and I would go back and stay with the motorhome.  During the last few weeks the temperature in the fridge compartment was getting a bit cooler and this day it was up to 10 degrees, which we thought was still a bit too warm. When I showed the repairman the temperature gauge at 10 degrees he said the was good as it was more than 20 degrees less than the outside temperature. He looked at the exhaust and said it was burning well. So in conclusion he could not fix what he thought was a working fridge. Since then the weather has come down by a few degrees and the fridge is now running at 4 degrees. Now we are not sure if the fridge is working properly or if it just does not like the hot weather.


After the encounter with the fridge man I drove to the aire which is about a kilometer from the centre of town. It had excellent reviews and people tell you to get there early as it fills up fast. I was lucky as there were a few sites to chose from and decided on a wide site with plenty of shade. I walked up into the town where I joined Jenny and Lori for some lunch in the town square. The place was extremely quiet and we could get some good photos without the teeming hoards of tourists. For followers of Game of Thrones, this town has also been used as a location for filming in season 7. Returning to the aire after exploring the sites, we decided that we would stay the night and not move on. We had a pleasant evening talking to some of our neighbors, there was even an Australian couple there for a while but they moved off to a place further north. 

Minifigs enjoying a day out in Carceres.

Lunch in Carceres.

This is from a scene in Game of Thrones.

Scene from Game of Thrones, Courtesy Google images.

Scene from Game of Thrones. Courtesy Google images


It would be another 200 kilometre drive to our next destination of Salamanca. The roads in this part of Spain are excellent and we reached the town before lunch. The parking area we had used the last time we visited seemed full, but we managed to find the last parking space available, in shade, and it was a short walk to the old town. After visiting the sights, lunch was beer and tapas in a bar just outside the tourist area. We found this spot on our last visit to the city, it has good cold beer and a delicious selection of tapas. When visiting Salamanca be sure and visit the church, on the reliefs around the main entrance you can see an astronaut as well as a dragon eating an ice cream cone. These were added when restoration work was carried out in 1992, some of the sculptors must have had a good sense of humour. Again it was time to head north and find a place for the night. After spending most nights in town or city aires we though it might be a good change to stay somewhere quiet. Between Valladolid and Palencia we found a quiet spot next to a canal under a bridge thanks to the Park4night app. No other motorhomes and no barking dogs to be heard.

The shell house.

Inside the shell house.

Jamon shop.

The astronaut on the entrance to the church.

Tapas and beer a good lunch.

Man verses shark, street art Salamanca.

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