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Camels, sand, we must be in the desert!

We arrived at Merzouga as it was getting dark, we had spent more time in Rissani than planned. There are numerous auberges along the edge of the desert and we picked one which had a pool as the weather was quite warm, in the low thirties. We were warmly greeted by the staff and after booking ourselves and the motorhome in we organized an overnight stay in the desert for Jenny and Lori,  more about that later. After tea we joined some of the other guests and listened to some berber music provided by the staff. Lori even got up to dance with one of the local girls. They were impressed that Lori could dance “african style”. It had been a busy day and we did not party late.

Our parking place, we were the only motorhome there.

Lori dancing with the locals.

A quiet day (Friday 29th September)

We asked at the desk whether there was a washing machine available, “yes” was the reply just bring your washing here. Not only did they wash our clothes but it was dried and folded when returned to us, luxury that we are not used to. Not much else to write about that day except taking it easy and swimming in the pool. Behind the auberge was the desert and a track for 4 x 4’s. A range rover with an inexperienced driver got himself terribly bogged, after much digging and with the use of sand tracks he was mobile again.  This was our entertainment for an hour or so.

Inside one of the rooms.

Entertainment for the morning.

Two women venture into the desert.

Lori and Jenny went for an hour ride on a camel to a small basic camp set up between the  dunes. It was a small  group and after being served mint tea on arrival, a chicken tagine and fruit for dinner,  the guides  played more drumming music. A sleep in a tent with the sides flapping in the wind and another hour ride back and they were glad to get back to the Auberge for a coffee and shower. 

Ewout stayed behind while the women went on their adventure. Spending a few hours talking and playing draughts with Idriss the maintenance worker, then catching up on some blog work on the computer. Getting up early to follow the scores in the football match as it was the grand final and our team the Crows were in the final, but alas they lost 😣😣😢😭. Jenny and Lori returned by camel at 9.00. After a coffee and packing up we headed back to Rissani, four of us??

Minifig Jenny and Lori with their camels.

Fridge saga continues – Rissani take two.

We met a man called Nouridine who told us that he knew a fridge repair man in Rissani where  he lived and had a shop. He hitched a ride with us from Merzouga and directed us to the shop of his friend. After taking the front cover off, turning a few knobs he assured us that the fridge would be working in two hours. Unless he had special mystical powers we were sure this would not be the case. While we were in Rissani, Nouridine took us to his shop, and organized for us to have a berber pizza. A convoluted  process where you first go to the butcher who prepares the meat, this is then taken to the bakery where they make the dough and incorporate the  meat and  spices into it and it is cooked in a wood oven. Takes about 45 mins. We then picked up a box from the butcher to take to the bakery, took it back to the butcher where we paid our money. Then we carried it to a cafe to eat it and have a drink. Anyway it was delicious. 

A miracle someone is looking at the fridge, but alas it is still not fixed.

Trying on headgear in Nouridine’s shop.

Berber Pizza.

Nouridine cutting up our pizza, the four of us could not eat it all.

Back street of Rissani.

After leaving Rissani again mid afternoon, we headed for a quiet campsite set among a palm plantation. A small very well run campsite with clean facilities and hot showers. And those of you wondering if the repairman resurrected our fridge, no it is still the same with the freezer working and the fridge not cooling down. We are surviving by buying ice when we can and freezing water in the top and placing it in the fridge. 

Our campsite among the palms.

View of our campsite from the road. Quiet nice place.

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  1. jhclutt67 says:

    I’m impressed with your resourcefulness and blown away by your adventure. Very game.

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