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Fixing, cleaning and packing – our last few days.

Thursday late in the afternoon we arrived back at Martins house which left us with 3 full days to get the motorhome sorted and pack our bags for the flight home on the Monday. 

The continuing fridge saga.

Those who have been following the blog will be aware that during our trip the fridge has not worked well in the hot weather. At the camping shop we bought an additional vent and a fan. It seems that the more air removed from the back of the fridge helps with the performance. This information was pointed out to me by cousin Martin and Micheal and Pam (fellow Australian motorhomers). As you can see in the photos we have installed a new lower vent using a drill, jigsaw, silicone and a few screws. Most motorhomes we see have a lower vent so this should help with circulation. The new fan was attached to the top vent and wired to an existing switch. This fan draws very little power and will blow the hot air out from behind the fridge area. We have no way of testing whether these improvement have worked as the weather is quite cool and the fridge is working well. Anyway we have done all we can so fingers crossed that we are successful. 

An additional vent below the original. Hoping that this will help circulate the air behind the fridge.

A fan we installed behind the top vent. This should help blow the hot air out of the recess behind the fridge.

Other maintenance jobs.

The “Bunyip” celebrated its 21st birthday this year and has now done 195,000 kilometers  (we bought it when it had 68,000 on the clock). Its starting to feel its age and a few things need attention. One of the window arms on the side windows had broken early in our trip. At the camping shop they did not have a replacement but then I looked in the bathroom and had an inspiration. The small window in the bathroom is rarely used and the arms are the same size as the side window. Five minutes later and the problem was solved, why didn’t I think of this earlier!! While cleaning the rubber seal on the cassette toilet I  though it might be a good idea to replace it with a new one. A trip to the local camping shop, 17€ poorer and another job done. Also the step cover had come loose and 4 rivets later it was all secured. Thanks to cousin Ewoud for the rivets. The bathroom floor had some movement and i used some expanding foam sealant to fix that problem. A few other minor repairs and the maintenance was complete. Many thanks to Martin for all his help and use of tools. 

A few new stickers have been added this year. The bull and Don Quixote with Sancho Panza.


We gave the “Bunyip” a good clean,washed and stored all the bedding etc. upstairs at Martins, emptied the water in the tank and boiler all ready for its new home. Martin has sold his house and has organized a storage place only 500 meters from his current address and for a really good price, thanks Martin. 

It was not all work the windmill was open in s’Gravendeel.

Photo taken from the windmill looking over s’Gravendeel.

Lego Minifigs

This year we took along some Lego Minifigs [courtesy Jade and Luke] as well as some accessories. We did have some fun taking photos in many places and getting some varied reactions from people as we were doing it. They now have a dedicated page with the best of the photos. You can view the page here :

The mischievous minifigs thought it would be a big joke to let a couple of snakes out in the plane. [Snakes on a Plane] luckily they were only rubber ones.

Map of our Trip

I have also finished our map of this years trip. It shows the places we stayed giving location, costs and a link to to blog post relating to the location.                                   

This will be the last post for this trip. We are now back in Australia after uneventful flights. Our posts have been erratic as this years trip involved a lot of driving and trying to see as much as possible in the short time we had. What lays ahead for next year trip is still to be decided. The Bunyip will not remain idle as Helen and John are planning to use it in 2018. Our thanks to Martin again, for without his help our trips would not be possible. Until our next adventure – Cheers.

And its a goodbye from the minifigs.


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  1. Katherineclune says:

    Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your next trip.

  2. J&E

    Have enjoyed reading your adventures again this year. Hope the new vent and fan help the old fridge in next years summer.

    If you are up in Sydney for any reason drop us a line.

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