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Ready to go.

Ready to go, we are counting down the days until we head off.

Ready to go, we are counting down the days until we head off.

For the last few days we have moved out of the house which has been our home for the last six months. It has been a real change to be living in one place for a full 6 months and not have to move and pack. We have now moved into the home of our son and his family while we wait to go on our next adventure. Part of the reason for staying in Luke and Karen’s house is to look after the grandchildren while they go away on a trip to Bali together. We are such good grandparents!!!

As you can see from the photo our bags are ready to go, they just need a final pack and off we go. Unfortunately we still have 18 days to go. As this is our 7th European trip we almost think we know what we’re doing. There are several things that we have prepared before we go.
A Camping Card International which comes in very handy as we don’t have to leave our passports at campgrounds and it gives discount at many sites. We order books from England at Vicarious Books and have them delivered to Martin’s house where our motorhome lives while we’re not travelling. This year we have ordered a France Passion book as well as the ACSI Camping card discount book. They have already arrived at Martin’s. Our other purchase this year is a solar panel, we saw other people with the same panel and they were very happy with it. This we purchased on line and it was delivered to Holland. We will report how it works in a later blog, after we test it out and give it a review.

After a trip to the Adelaide Markets we have our souvenirs which we give to friendly people as we travel. Koalas, hats, key rings, tea towels, pen sets etc. We like to be ambassadors to Europe from Australia, you would be amazed how such small gift get such an exited reaction.

Our other paperwork is done, International Drivers Licence’s [which we get every year and havenever been asked to produce], passports, tickets all ready.

The only real update I have made on the blogsite is the  Map of all our Trips. This map is a combination of the 6 trips we have undertaken so far. I finally got the polylines to work on my mapping program.

We will keep counting the days down and when we are on the road will try and update the blog regularly.

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  1. Yet again the time has arrived so quickly and you will be on your way overseas once more. I suppose the fact the time passes so fast now, means the sooner you will be back here. I hope that makes sense in a convoluted way. Wishing you both another amazing journey xxoo

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