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Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best for 2105.

Wishing you all the best for 2015.

Another year has gone and a new one awaits. Wish you all a great year for 2015. Last year was a good one for us with a great trip exploring Europe for 6 months.
This year we have planned another trip with only 17 weeks until we go. Jenny has finished her Aged Care Course and has been applying for some jobs.
I have been busy working at the Adelaide Oval and also helping a friend with some painting work. While we are traveling we spend 24 hours together but with all the work I’ve been doing and Jenny busy with working at the basketball, finishing off her course and looking after grandchildren we are like ships in the night,catching glimpses when we can.

This year’s trip is still being planned but we are thinking of exploring more of France, Spain and Portugal and exploring the possibility of a trip to Tunisia.
Nothing is set in concrete except that we are meeting up with Jenny’s sister Debbie, Greg her husband and Talia their daughter in Spain for two weeks at the beginning of September. A couple of years ago they tried to catch up with us on one of our trips but due to circumstances they had to bail out. This time we are hoping that all goes well as we would like to share the experience with them and we get along well. We are going to spend some time in Denia renting an apartment my cousin Mike owns and then travelling on to Barcelona for a few days.

I have updated a few pages on the site. These are mainly for fellow motorhomers, but the page on “Not your average motorhome” could be worth a look.
Pages updated are:
About our Blog site
Not your average Motorhomes
Amsterdam City Camp
Internet Country Guide

I am hoping to update more pages in the next weeks.
I have also added another forum site in our Links Page which we have just joined. we have just joined so I cannot really comment on its usefulness just yet.

As we get closer to our trip we will keep you posted as to how our planning is going. Enjoy 2015

One of the motorhomes in our new page,"Not your average motorhome". This photo was taken in Greece and if features a German couple in there converted fire truck, complete with top patio area.

One of the motorhomes in our new page,”Not your average motorhome”. This photo was taken in Greece and if features a German couple in there converted fire truck, complete with top patio area.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hey guys,

    It was great catching up with you both (if all too briefly) in Budapest. Only 6 months left for us before we are back at work in Australia. We spent New Year’s out in a tent in Erg Chebbi, Morocco and have had a blast this year travelling around.

    We are still way behind with out blog (and getting further behind every day!)

    Best of luck in your future travels and we hope to continue to read more about your adventures.

    Deana and Mark

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