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expert explorerWe are now officially Expert Explorers, we even have the sticker to prove it. Let me explain; while we were traveling in Sicily we were approached by email from Pegasus Finance to write some answers to a few questions about our motorhome travels which would be placed on their blog page. We thought about it a bit and then couldn’t see the harm in it. We spent some time thinking about our response before we sent them back the answers. If you click on the link

Pegasus Blogs Site” you will see the results of what we wrote. For being guests on their blog page we have been given the title Expert Explorers. I definitely think that we are explorers as for the expert part, I still think we have a lot to learn ourselves but we are happy to share any insights we have learned so far.

Sunday 15th June

Our neighbors at the beach. Kalo Negro

Our neighbors at the beach. Kalo Negro

There was a mass exodus in the morning from the parking area beside the beach. We also packed up and reluctantly left the beautiful bay near Kalo Nero and drove south along the coast. We were hoping to find another beachside stop and continue our coastal drive around the Peloponnese coast.P1100971





Our lunchtime stopover.

Our lunchtime stopover.

We didn’t get far only 25 kms when we saw a tiny bay near to a couple of cafes. It was all too inviting and we stopped first to have a Nescafe Freddo [which is the Greek version of an iced coffee]. The staff at the café were friendly and spoke good English, when we went to go towards our motorhome they waved us back and gave us a watermelon, not a small on but a massive big one. (We later shared it with some English people at the campsite as it was way too much for us with our limited fridge space.) The next couple of hours were spent swimming and snorkelling then having lunch, by the clear water of the bay. P1100980

Our watermelon gift.

Our watermelon gift.
















Strange sights you see as you drive along the beach.

Strange sights you see as you drive along the beach.


The couple who made our Jewelery on the bay in Methoni.

The couple who made our Jewelery on the bay in Methoni.

We decided were never going to get anywhere at this rate so we headed back on the road to our next stop Methoni. This small town had a castle and old fortified wall along the top of the bay. When we arrived we came across an alternative couple who were making and selling jewellery and living out of their small van the size of a Transit. P1100994

Ewout has been looking around for a necklace but as his neck is quite thick hasn’t had any luck so she offered to make one for him and while she was doing this we went for a walk and enjoyed a drink in a café on the beachfront. We returned to the stall and Ewout was delighted with his new accessory and then Jenny decided to buy a bracelet for a souvenir.

It was getting late and so we moved off to find a place near the beach which our German neighbours from the previous beachside stop had told us about. So we overnighted near the town of Foinkounta in a quiet car park next to the beach.

P1110021P1110031Next morning it was time to find a campsite, the toilet was full and pretty smelly and it was time to have a decent shower and wash our hair. Our destination was in no doubt, we headed for Koroni, a small seaside town with a nice campsite.




This pilgrimage was to find a much sought after item that Clyde and Anna had purchased there the year before, and Ewout had envied ever since Turkey. “A bat of death”, as Clyde calls it. Really it is an electronic insect swatter, but unlike many we have seen it is also a torch and is rechargeable.



P1110025 So a pilgrimage to Koroni was in order and so we stayed for a few P1110026days.  We have been able to enjoy the pool, walks into town (no bat in sight) dinner in a café by the sea, walked up to the headland where the old castle stood and talking to some our family over the wifi  via our friend Skype. We have also got friendly with some young volunteers who are spending their holidays working for the Sea Turtle protection association and are monitoring nests as well as promoting the organisation in the town. It has been a pleasant interlude on our journey of discovery in Greece.



Stop Press : On the last night when going for a walk into town we spotted a chinese lady selling wares from a walking counter. And there it was the Bat of Death for the sum of 5 euros. I quickly purchased it and our time in Koroni came to a most excellent end, the pilgrimage was not in vain.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Jen B says:

    Greece is sounding like my type of holiday destination. Enjoy 🙂
    Love Jen B xx

  2. Mireille says:

    Love it! Enjoy all future swatting.We have been enjoying your journey with you. We are currently in Portugal. Take care a safe travels. Mireille and Mark

  3. jhclutt67 says:

    Regardless of whether you had found the “bat” or not it looks just gorgeous. Don’t know how you dragged yourselves away from there.

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