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Hard Drives and Memory Sticks

Hard Drives and Memory Sticks

We carry with us a hard drive with a terabyte and a few memory sticks. We use these to back up our photos and other valuable information. We always put these on two devices so if one crashes or is lost or even stolen we have the back up. Unfortunately we have heard too many stories of people having their laptop stolen along with all of their photos. A computer can be replaced but the photos cant. It is also a good idea to separate your devices in different places, we met a couple in Riga who had all their electronic appliances along with the charges in a bag sitting in the wardrobe. They were unlucky to have their motorhome broken into and the thief took the one bag with everything in it. We had to lend them a phone charger so they could make phone calls to sort things out.

Back up regularly. We normally back up every three or four days. That way if something does go wrong we have only lost a couple of day’s photos.

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