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Computer – Laptop

Computer – Laptop

We are now on our second laptop. Our first was heavy and slow and was not convenient for taking   to cafe’s etc for internet. Our new computer is a Samsung ultra light notebook and is light with a solid state hard drive and is much smaller. We use our computer in many ways as we travel.


We have an Autoroute program to help us plan our route as well as having useful data that we have downloaded; ie: POI’s of campsites, aires, gas refill locations, and wild camping spots.

Keeping in touch

With Skype we are able to keep in contact with family and friends.  we are on the road for many months and this link to home has been very important. We also use the Skype to phone people who do not have a computer. [eg Jenny’s parents] and the cost is small compared to using our phones.

Our Blog

This keeps our family and friends informed of what we are doing and the places we have been saving us time emailing individual people, And hopefully we can offer advice to other motorhomers with our experience.

Paying our Bills

Unfortunately bills still come in as we are traveling. Having access to internet banking allows us to do all of our transactions over the internet.. It also allows us to keep track of our dwindling funds making sure we keep to our budget.

Searching the Web

As we travel we surf the net for information that is useful to us. We read other blogs and keep up to date with our emails.

Social Media

Jenny is on Facebook and we like to be able to keep track of what our family and friends are doing.

Booking Tickets

We book our ferry tickets online and try and source the best prices, Even though we haven’t got a printer with us to print the tickets we just write down the receipt code and tell them the number at the docks.


We always store our photo’s on the computer as well as on our hard drive and memory sticks. We have heard of too many people who have lost their photos accidentally  or had their computer stolen along with all their photo’s. A computer can be replaced but photo’s can’t. My advice is to always back up regularly on more than one source. Another great tool these days is a cloud site, uploading your photos and other information you don’t want to lose is a great idea, you can then access this on other computers anywhere you want.


With the internet we down load POI’s [see POI’s info] , music, TV shows, and movies. Occasionally you might get a day when the weather is atrocious or after a busy day  it’s good to relax and watch a movie with a glass of wine and some good cheese.


Our kids normally supply us with plenty of movies , TV shows and music concerts to watch when we have some down time.

You Tube

When I don’t know how to do something on the computer I often turn to YouTube. When I’m working on the blog and I get stumped, invariably someone has had the same problem and has posted it on You Tube. All I do I type the right question and most times I get an answer. It’s advantage is that they show you how to do it rather than just tell you.

We have always traveled with a computer and it would be hard to imagine traveling without one.

Jenny and Skip surfing the internet.

Jenny and Skip surfing the internet.

[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]

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