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Yes camera’s plural, we take two with us. Jenny has a Panasonic Lumix which has all the wiz-bang features and I have a small Olympus camera. All the photos on this web site up until 2011 have been taken on the small Olympus camera, so you can see it does a great job. In 2011 Jenny was lucky to get her camera for her birthday.

The small camera is waterproof to up to 3 metres and is great for when we are around water and dusty surroundings. It fits neatly into my pocket so it is less conspicuous when going sightseeing. The Panasonic has a great many more features and the zoom allows you to get in close to take photos of places that are hard to get at.

We were at the end of our trip in 2012 when in Germany Jenny slipped while having the camera in her hand and broke the part which turned the camera on. The small camera had to fill in until we returned to Australia and had it repaired. Thank goodness for travel insurance as the cost of the repairs were all covered.

Photos are your memories. We store them on our computer and also a hard drive. We use our photos for our blog site as well as after each trip make an online book using the photos. We also print some our favorite pictures and put them on the inside walls of the motorhome, it reminds us of all the great places we have been and the people we have met.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos on our site.


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