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Book Readers

Book Readers

At the end of a days driving, seeing the sights, and finding a place to stay for the night it’s good to wind down with a bowl full of nuts, a beer or wine and sit in a chair and read. In the past we always brought books with us but found that when had finished them the were heavy and used up valuable space in the motorhome. English language books  are not always readily available in European countries and for a long trip from Australia, it is not practical to pack enough books to keep us entertained.

On occasion we would meet other English speaking travelers with books and do a swap. Sometimes the swap was good and other times we ended up with a batch of strange books that really weren’t to our taste.  The book readers can hold up to 1200 books and it is easy to download more books on the internet. The batteries last for weeks and it is light and stores easily away. We also find they are easier to use outdoors than computer like screens that tend to be affected by bright light.

If you are an avid reader consider a Book Reader as they are now proven and they are getting very cheap to buy.

[The advice given is our opinion only .We are not experts and are still learning as we go. Seek other sources  of information to get other opinions. If we have made any mistakes or if you have something to add please let us know. Ewout and Jenny]

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