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Motorhome sites with Forums

Motorhome sites with Forums and Advice

There are plenty of sites which have forums and give motorhomers useful advice but unfortunately many are in foreign languages French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish etc. The ones that I know of are

Motorhome Facts

Motorhome Fun



These sites are free to visit but if you want to be involved in the forums you must be a subscriber and pay a fee each year. The cost is not huge and if you have questions you want answered they can be very useful. I have joined Motorhome Facts and also Motorhome Fun. You can look at the site for free before paying the subscription fee. The above sites are based in England but many of the members travel extensively. If you know of any other sites please let me know.

Motorhome Owners is a free site and no fees apply but you still have to register.

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