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2013 Trip Map

In 2013 we had an interrupted trip as we arrived in Holland late March only to return to Australia 10 days into our journey due to sickness of my father and consequential passing away. We resumed our trip after staying in Australia for 4 weeks. After we arrived back in Europe we drove from Holland to the north of Greece where we met our friends Clyde and Anna our traveling companions for the next 5 weeks as we explored Turkey. Leaving Turkey we drove back to Holland via Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. Back in Holland we waved our motorhome goodbye as Helen and John, friends from Adelaide were using it for the next 10 weeks. We then had a trip to France joined by Willy and Dean,[sister and brother in law’] Astrid and Chris [sister and brother in law] Martin and Ewoud [cousins].


This is the Northern part of our 2013 trip [double click on map to enlarge]


This is the southern part of our trip. [double click on map to enlarge]



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